The full moon of innovation:: 25 days from idea to startup

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This innovation framework is everything you need to create your startup in 25 days.

Combining business and service design, UX strategy and design, branding and a tested prototype, research insights morphed into a prioritized per desirability roadmap and a tech landscape recommendation for all features molded into an intense yet comprehensive 5-week, mostly co-creation programme.

Fundamentally based on design thinking, this programme is designed to lead the entrepreneur through the magical journey of disruptive creativity and latter thinking, but also to prepare them for a safe landing into the world of running a business, investors and real people who will use their product or maybe not.

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Key moments

Each week is dedicated to a very specific purpose which provides context and gradually builds towards the main protagonist which is undoubtedly the prototype.

Week 1: Business

We first look at the business as in the industry we will be operating and ideally want to disrupt. Is there potential? Then we look at the business itself as a startup; the team needed, the skills, the offering, the business model. For that, we use the power of Business Design and UX strategy.

Week 2: Personality

If our business are the others, branding is us. Branding extends beyond visual direction and beautiful presentations that make your startup look professional. It has to speak the same language our potential clients do and reflect what it does. For that we want to use real people. In the background we are preraring the technology questionmarks we want to investigate but also inspire us now that we have more context from the week before.

Week 3: Hypothesis

Based on the Google Ventures design sprint and enriched with Service Design we first look at the broader, holistic experience with everyone involved, everything in the background and every touchpoint invisible or not, in order to make it run smoothly and delight. Yet we prototype the painful first time use case. We explore and think beyond the myopia of just “screens”. We then test it on Friday.

Week 4: Synthesis

It is now time to focus, reflect and synthesise the insights from the research. We can now analyse the prototype from a technology standpoint and look at the effort needed. This is the time to be smart, efficient and creative as to any provider, framework, application or technology we want or do not want to build upon.

Week 5: Genesis

We morph the learnings from research into a prioritised roadmap so we iterate the prototype accordingly and set sails on our next steps, moving from the big pictures to the tiniest minimum product we want to start building next. And let there be startup!

The full moon of innovation:: 5 weeks from idea to startup
The full moon of innovation:: 5 weeks from idea to startup

What are the deliverables?

I have empathised with entrepreneurs and our startup clients who they all share in common lack of money, time or both, listened carefully and reflected on their needs and wishes over the years. The following is the skeleton of deliverables we provide at the end of the programme:

a refined tasklist to start the business

a strategy to approach investors

a tested hypothesis

an iterated per user feedback, feel-real prototype

a branding toolkit

a tech landscape recommendation; tech solutions for all features

a storytelling deck answering all the tough questions an investor might ask before they do

a prioritised per research roadmap

Needless to say, we support where there are gaps detected. We adjust accordingly depending on the individual’s needs. Less business design for business people, more storytelling for people who are not natural orators. My aim is that the entrepreneur can feel not just comfortable but also proud to show, talk, present and build their startup with the above material.

Why do entrepreneurs find it useful?

“I have learned to consciously ask open ended questions instead of analysis paralysis. The initial idea was harnessed into an interview guide that I have continued using and still am, woven into a single prototype.”

“I have found it amazing how all the ideas we had during the workshops where boiled down to use cases. I did not need anything more than the prototype to go to investors and start building. I do not have to explain what it is about, I simple show how it works.”

“Thinking big at first, once I nailed that I wanted to secure a 2M investment, I then knew what I had to build. There is an immediate point of value in this programme by behaviour change and observation.”

“So many people have an idea at first, that they do not even know if it is worth pursuing. I was not even sure whether my idea was good enough to put my time and effort. Does the world need it? Throughout the full moon programme there were a lot of euruka moments during the workshops and a-ha moments when watching real people being exciting about the solution prototyped.”