A Remote Design Sprint to create a human-centric B2B app

Three locations, five days, one purpose: create a digital service to promote human interaction. 

In November 2021 one of our clients challenged us in a 5 day Design Sprint, in 3 geographical hubs digitally connected. The main goal was to create a digital B2B service that would involve  customers, optimize operations and humanize online sales. Five days of designing, prototyping and testing ideas, resulted in a lean, customer-centric mobile app prototype. 

Client profile

Our client is a global player in the raw materials manufacture industry, operating in over 30 countries. Stakeholders involved are corporate staff, sales agents and customers. 

Facilitators in action.

The need

We need to solve a critical business problem that will digitalize the services provided by our client to their customers. With the help of a B2B digital solution, people should feel more connected and cared for, without threatening the human connection between our client and their customers. 

Remote Google Design Sprint puppy Argos behind the scenes
Behind the scenes: Argos, our sunshine coach for the design sprint.

The methodology

To find our way out to this problem, the GV Design Sprint methodology was performed. Three locations teamed up through a  5 day process of designing, prototyping and validating ideas with real customers. Based on deepdive interviews with customers, from day one to four of the Google Design Sprint, participants mapped, sketched, decided and created a prototype. On day 5 the prototype was tested through a validation research with the help of the stakeholders (clients & customers). 

The solution

After co-creation with our client, we came across a solution that joins the dots between the physical and digital world. People are not substituted as human interaction is celebrated within this holistic experience that matches sales and growth goals with human resources enhancement. 

Design Sprint methodology could be applied to your business too.

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